THE COOL POOL / 6 de July de 2017

How To Turn Your
Pool Green

  So you want your pool to be GREEN?  Are you sure?  Well that is fairly easily achieved by forgetting to check the water or add chlorine and algicide and letting the green algae grow – and it’s even easier to achieve this after a rainstorm! OK, so by ‘GREEN’ what we really mean is […]

THE COOL POOL / 13 de June de 2017


Just how straightforward the beautiful Niveko one-piece pool is to install was recently demonstrated in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire when Paul Mortimer decided to add an impressive pool hall extension to his house. Within weeks of being ordered, the pool was installed and the extension was duly completed. “The first thing that attracted me to a […]

THE COOL POOL / 9 de June de 2017

Pool maintenance:
Choose the easy life!

When the sun shows its face this summer, if you’re like us, you will want to be out there enjoying your pool rather than wondering how to get it all nice and clean and the water safe to swim in before it starts to rain (again). You have two main options for maintenance.  The first […]

A pool with a view
and the Midas touch

  Newton Abbot pool specialists, Westcountry Leisure, struck gold at the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards 2017, hosted by BISHTA and SPATA, with this magnificent pool in Devon. Built on the side of the cliff overlooking a bay in the Salcombe estuary, the pool is fully loaded with Certikin and Calorex equipment. Brief: The […]

Using swimming pools
during a hosepipe ban

What is a Hosepipe ban? A Temporary Use Ban (TUB) – also widely known as a Hosepipe Ban – is designed to restrict the use of water to manage demand during times of drought in the UK.   One of the categories of water use that may be prohibited during a TUB is ‘filling or maintaining […]

Relax and enjoy your pool:
Use an Autopilot

If you prefer to relax and enjoy your pool rather than to maintain it then Autopilot is for you!  Autopilot’s industry leading salt water pool systems turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for pool and spa water that’s clean, clear and luxuriously soft. Why a salt chlorine generator? Salt is a […]

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